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I had an interesting conversation with my good friend Rahim and his lovely girlfriend Sanchia this past weekend in Atlanta. We were discussing how non-US people have such cool and interesting friends from other countries. I made a comment about how most Americans have mainly American friends and basically our American friends are just, for a lack of better words, just plain American! Sanchia replied that although they are just American, they are all from different American states and how that makes them unique. Such a good point Chi!! So I starting thinking about all my pals and all their unique qualities and characteristics and how although they may not speak 5 languages or graduated from some school in London, they are all on my “friends list” for some reason! I was so excited about acknowledging my friends attributes that I wanted to share them….here goes..I have friends that:
1.Teach English to children in Abu Dhabi
3.Run marathons
4.Sell million dollar homes
5.Are of mixed races
6.Speak 2 languages
7.Speak 6 languages LOL
8.Have fought in a war!
9.Have lived in other countries just for fun!
10.Have visited other countries just for fun!
11.Have felony records and own SUCCESSFUL businesses
12.Are members of Greek organizations
13.Make 6 figures or more
14.Have played sports overseas
15.Have been on the covers of magazines!
16.Have been on tv!
17.Own their own law firms
18.Make movies!
19.Are photographers
20.Have NO tattoos lol
21.In same sex MARRIAGES with kids that they had TOGETHER…how cool is that!
22.Have good credit
23.Have GREAT credit!
24.Have cute kids lmao
25.Have good kids!
26.Are doctors
27.Are teachers
28.Went completely natural #teamnatural
29.Worked for a very large sports team
30.Are artists (painting & drawing)
31.Are artists (musicians)
32.Coach a college sport!
33.Is a chef!
34.Perform spoken word
35.Own & Run their own fitness business

Wow! I’m still adding to the list!


Cork wreath





Ok so thought I would try my hand at making a wreath this season. Using cork, a few jingle bells and some hot glue! Oh yea and don’t forget the ribbon! See my progress so far…:) halfway done… Had to order extra corks, I guess I haven’t drank enough over the year! 😉 Keep you posted on the final!

Finally finished!! Check her out!!
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We’re All High Up Here!

Had a great time in Colorado! I visited Colorado Springs and Denver a week ago! Running in Colorado=NO JOKE! If you’re ever training for a marathon or even a little 5k, go to CO and you will come back a beast! The altitude makes it hard to breath at first, but it only take a few days to get acclimated to it. You probably will experience what they call “Rocky Mountain Burn” on your first run or two but nothing worse than a hard toke chest burn (lol). Of course I have no experience in that, I’ve just heard!

Denver was beautiful, I even applied for a few jobs while I was there! The downtown area was very clean and fun. The outdoor on 16th street was oober cute and the Forever 21 was massive!!

If you are ever in need of a weekend getaway, check out Denver!!

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